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كشك الحراسة ضوء الصلب الجاهزة غرفة حارس أمن عالية الجودة للبيع

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غرفة حراسة أمنية ذات جودة عالية من الصلب الخفيف للبيع

  Product Information
Product Name Sentry booth
Insulation EPS,PU,Glass wool,Rock wool
Material Sandwich panel+roofing+bottom frame+door+window
Size Customized
Wall/roof panel 50/75/100/125/150mm sandwich panel
Life Span 8-10 years
Use Safety Booth,Ticket Booth
Minimum Order 5 Unit
Package In bulk
Payment L/C, T/T,Weatern Union
Lead Time Within 20days after receiving the deposit.
Supply Ability(/Month)   500~800  Units
  Product Information

  Product Introduction

A sentry booth is a small shelter with or without an open front in which a guards duty may need to stand to be sheltered from the weather.

An armored booth, armored guardhouse, or security booth is a small structure furnished with a chair, and security cameras.

The guards often sit inside of the structure, which has strong windows, doors, and walls. Such booths are generally found at embassies, important government buildings and structures, military installations, and high end hotels in some countries.

Sentry booth is also belong to prefab house in small size

1• Cost effective and quick to build

2• Strong and design-flexible

3• Durable and safe

4• Easy to assemble and transportation

5• Environmentally Friendly


Security Box / Sentry house / Guard house / Kiosks /Ticket booth / Security booth

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  Product Main Material

Frame Painted light steel structure frame
Roof 50/75/100 mm sandwich panels( EPS, PU,Glass wool, Rock wool insulated)
Wall 50/75/100 mm sandwich panels( EPS, PU,Glass wool, Rock wool insulated)
Door Sandwich panel door/PVC door/Metal door
Window Aluminum / PVC silding window with single glass
Cladding Cement board cladding,PVC Claddding,PU metal Cladding
Roof tile Asphalt shingles,color steel glazed tile,metal color stone.resin tile
Base board 15/18/20mm plywool or cement board
Roof tile 0.326/0.376/0.426/0.476/0.5mm (colors can be chosen)

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  Installation Process

Installation tool

Electric hand drill,angle grinder(cutting disc exclusive),spanner,paper cutter,wire-cutter,impact drill,flexible rule,hand riveter,Glue gun,hammer,ceramic tile cutting machine,Cutting wood machine etc...

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  Loading Container

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  Why Us

TianPuAn Building Materials Technology Co.,Ltd., also known as TianPuAn Prefab house Co. Ltd. It was founded in 2005. Since then, we have been a professional manufacturer of steel structure building,container house,prefabricated house,light steel villa, fence,sandwich panel and profiled steel with ISO9001 certification.

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  Company Overview

We focus on producing custom-made economic and environmentally friendly prefab house.With the Specialized technology,professional design team and high-quality construction team we undertaken hundreds of prefab buildings production and installation,got the consistent high praise of the clients.Our capacity is about 30000 to 50000 square meters per month..

We have been certified by ISO: 9001: 2008. Up to now, TianPuAn has completed hundreds of projects Domestic and around the world. 


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1.What is prefab house?

A prefab house is shortened name for a prefabricated house, which is a home/house that has components manufactured in an off-site industrial facility. They are sometimes referred to as factory-made or modular houses, although there are some differences.

2.What Are The Advantages Of Your Prefab House?

Light weight,wind resistance,anti-seismic,fire proof,sound proof,environmentally friendly, Quicker to build, Cost effective etc.

3.What is your product range?

We specialized in design and manufacturing prefab house,container house,light steel structure villa house,steel structure,guard house and fence as well.

4.What are your house made of?

Our Prefab house is made of light steel structure and cement board or sandwich panels for the walls and roof.The wall/roof panel can be polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool, fiber glass sandwich panels.The structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets.

5.Prefab house Installation time?

It depends on the house specification and the house building materials.Usually,sandwich panel house type 4 skilled workers can finish80-100/sqm in 8 hours.Villa house type 4 skilled workers can finish 80-100/sqm in 15-20 days.

6.What Should Be Prepare For The Site Before Start To Built?

At the very least, you will need concrete piers for the columns to sit upon. Most people pour a full foundation, but if you are using the building on a farm or ranch and plan to have dirt, gravel, or sawdust floors, a pier system may be preferable. In these situations, a popular option is to combine piers with a concrete footing around the perimeter of the building.


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