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We are manufacturing two types of container houses.

1) Sandwich panel container house.

    Less cost,easy transport, fast installation.

2) Shipping container house.

    Stronger, fully finish in our factory, wholly pack for export.

Container house is a kind of new prefab house that is different from the traditional products, with the features of more comfortable and convenient. It is mainly used for the large oil field base, building site, market, and wind power station to meet the needs of the constructors’ office and accommodation.

It can be build up as just one container or combining several containers to make different functions.

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بيت الحاوية

1. Strong construction,energy efficient,reduces construction time,cost saving,technology building,environmental friendly.

2.Time-saving---TPA prefabricates every part of each house within the controlled envi ronment of our factory, which greatly reduces the construction time consumed on site.

3. Cost Reduction---Unlike tradtional house builders,our prefabs technology significantly reduces the on-site workload, saving labor and cost.

4. Anti-earthquake Structure---It is a mature system named light gauge steel structure housing system. Our premium quality structural steel frames and building materials are selected to maximize safety and durability of each house.

5. Fresh Air Inside---We design our homes to maximize airflow and natural energy to keep spaces clean, bright and comfortable.

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خصائص بيت الحاوية

1. Generally we make 20ft, 40ft sizes, combination is also available. Size can be adjusted base on the standard.

2. Roof /Wall 50/75/100mm sandwich panel according to specific climate conditions

3. PVC vinyl, plywood, wooden floor, carpet, ceramic tiles flooring system etc.

4. Sliding window with aluminum frame or PVC frame.

5. Sliding door, steel sandwich panel door, steel door, wooden door.

6. Colorful painting, wall cladding for outer decoration.

7. Electricity and water plumbing system can be provided.

8. Furniture (bathroom unit, kitchen sink, bed, wardrobe, A/C, table and chairs etc).

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تجفيف الحاويات المنزلية

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قائمة مكونات بيت الحاوية

Main construction frame Corner Fitting
High strength bolt (inter-hexagon)--M12,8.8S
Stand column--3mm steel sheet bending
Bottom frame--3mm steel sheet bending; C100X45X2.0
Top frame--2.5mm steel sheet bending; C100X45X2.0
Connection plate(Q235B)
Roof--1.5mm corrugated steel sheet and 50mm sandwich panel
Maintenance Wall panel--50/75/100mm EPS sandwich panel
Toilet wall panel--50/75/100mm EPS sandwich panel

Floor --15mm cement board

Door & window, accessories Water collecting and drainage --PVC
Aluminum slidding door --W1800*H2050(customized size)
Toilet sandwich panel door --W700*H1900(customized size)
Window--PVC/Aluminum slidding window W500*H600 (customized size)
Trimming--1.0mm galvanized /0.476mm steel sheet

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Tel +86 13535848691
Fax +86-757-85653718

1)Lihe Road,Lishui Town, Nanhai District, Foshan,Guangdong, China

2)Gaotian Road, Mingcheng Town, Gaoming District, Foshan CIty

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  • شقة منزل حاوية لوحة ساندويتش حزمة المعيشة
  • شقة منزل حاوية لوحة ساندويتش حزمة المعيشة
  • شقة منزل حاوية لوحة ساندويتش حزمة المعيشة
  • شقة منزل حاوية لوحة ساندويتش حزمة المعيشة
  • شقة منزل حاوية لوحة ساندويتش حزمة المعيشة
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