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Light steel villa house is one kind of prefabricated house,prefab house or modular house. It is popular using in the different country no matter it is a rich or poor country as their family home.

They are made of strong and green metal-steel, as the structure and light-weight sandwich panels or cement fiber boards for wall and roof. The wall inside and outside can be decorated with different modern materials which make the house look nice and comfortable.

It is waterproof,fireproof,sound proof,heat insulation.We can follow the customer layout and their requirements to design.

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  Production Description

ميزات منزل فيلا هيكل من الفولاذ الخفيف

- Steel structures provides time saving.

- Steel construction flexible tenant improvements.

- The prefabricated or modular building on job sites anywhere.

- Concurrent construction phases reduce the project schedules.

- Resource-efficient practices produce less waste and less impact on the environment.

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1. Residence

2. Tourist and holiday house

3. Family house

4. Government residential project

5. Real estate development project

6. Constructions for other purpose

قائمة مواد البناء

Accessories Embedded parts--M24
High strength bolt--M20,10.9S
Common bolt --M20
Shear nail--∅19
Galvanized bolt --M20

Main steel frame

Ground Floor steel column--HN200X100X5X8, 100X100X3.0suqure tube
Second Floor steel column--80*2.0 suqure tube
Roof truss beam--80*40 suqure tube+80*40 suqure tube
Floor beam--HN250*125*6*9
Floor beam--HN200X100X5.5X8
Tie rod--80*2.0mm suqure tube
Staircase--[16 U-bar+2.5mm chequered plate
Steel bar for concrete slab--∅8 steel bar
Roof purlin--80*40*2.5suqure tube
Connecting plate--3~4mm steel sheet
Structure steel fabrication--Resist rust, Painting
Maintenance Roof panel--50mm EPS Sandwich panel+ Asphalt shingles
Wall panel---75/100mm Cement sandwich panel 
Steel plate as floor support--1.0mm770 type
Outside wall painting -- Real stone paint
Trimming--Galvanized plate,steel sheet
Other accessories--Self-tapping nails, bolts, channel, cement glass
Door--Steel door, aluminum door, glass door
Window--Aluminum sliding window

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  Production Process

التعبئة والتغليف والشحن

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  Information form for light steel villa design



1. Width__________M

2. Length________M

3. Height__________M

4. Roof slop grade___________(°or%)

5. Wall: fiber cement board

6. Roof: 1)EPS sandwich panel        2)PU panel

             3)rockwool panel    thickness:__________________

7. Roof decoration: 1)asphalt single     2)resin tile    3)metal tile

8. Door: 1)aluminium sliding door          2)rolling door(garage)

             3)steel security door                4)composite wooden door

             size :_____________________

9. Window: 1)aluminium window     2)pvc window size :_____________________

10. Draining: 1)natural draining       2)gutter 


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  • فوشان الساخن بيع فيلا الهيكل الصلب الخفيف
  • فوشان الساخن بيع فيلا الهيكل الصلب الخفيف
  • فوشان الساخن بيع فيلا الهيكل الصلب الخفيف
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